Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Again

Hi fellow spanking friends:
I haven't updated my blog in awhile but I hope that is all going to change. I still spend time everyday going through all the great sites and reading everything you fellow spankos contribute. I feel its time to contribute as well. There are some great blogs out there that deserve a great deal of time, so October is going to be a dedicated to all the great people out there that spend time on this wonderful subject. Anyway, I'm stuck with Jury Duty today and have to get going... not a way i want to spend my day, but I just wanted to get a quick note to express how happy I am to be back in the blog world and please look for some great posts. I leave you with a site I'm sure most of you know but If not, check it out., also, All the best B

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Step-Mom? Is it Possible?

My ultimate fantasy would have a real Step-mother figure. A woman who was older and believes spanking is an important part of discipline. The ideal person would live alone, raised her family, needs some company, and have a nurturing personality. Also, the type a person you like being around with no sexual interest in whatsoever. I picture showing up 2-3 times a week and talking, leading to the occasional 1-2 spankings a month for real offenses.

Am I crazy? Does this only exist in my mind? Has anyone had a experience like this? Please give me some hope... advise... Thanks B

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What type of Spanking is for you?

What type of Spanking is for me? Let me tell you a true story...
As long as I can remember, spanking has been part of my life.  When I was younger, I did everything I could not to be spanked, I was scared to death of it. As my teenage years approached, spanking become less scary and more interesting. At school, I always wanted to hear about the spankings my friends received at home. Although, it was hard trying to ask just the right questions to provoke more information without seeming like a weirdo. When I was about eleven, staying overnight at a friends house, one event changed my life and threw me over the edge into the spanking world forever...
I was watching a movie with my friend, his sister Sandy(13), and his older step-sister Alexis(15). The movie was slightly on the edge of inappropriate but in this day and age I don't know if if would get the TV13 rating but all the same, one title I'll never forget... Blue Lagoon.  In Doug's house this was very much over the top for his parents standards and might as well be rated X.  His mother returned home from a movie with a friend, earlier than expected and completely hit the roof. I could not believe how enraged she became over a movie.  We were sent to Doug's room and told to get right to bed. After hearing yelling and several doors slam, I heard one word that changed the whole situation and really my life..."Whipping"  Doug's mom told Sandy she was "going to get a whipping". At that point, the house became quiet. She was in her room waiting her fate and Alexis was upstairs in her room.  Trying to move closer to the door in Doug's room, without showing the unmistakable fact I was interested with what was about to transpire, I heard the sound of a belt buckle and swift footsteps as Doug's mom passed by our room.  I heard Sandy's door open and slam shut with a muffed voice say "Please mom don't spank me".  For the next several minutes all you could hear was that belt cracking on her bottom mixed with screams and crying.  I don't think I slept the whole night..  caught between being scared and wondering what a whipping was like from another mom.
The next morning I was able to find out the whole story. Alexis was spared a whipping with the belt because she called her father and was let off the hook.  We did not get punished because the older sister's should have known not to watch such filth. Sandy did not say a word but I saw some pretty big bruises on her upper thighs when she walked down the hall. 
Now... What does spanking mean to me?
Ever since that night, I have always favored the traditional Maternal discipline type spanking.  I love the angry step-mother scenario, or even a friends mom. :) I sometimes wonder how things would have changed if I never spent that night.... 
Anyway, I would love to hear from you!! What type of spanking do you enjoy? Did any life event influence you?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Really need Help!!! Please give your input!!!

I have to say, I'm pretty depressed with my whole spanking situation.  I read in Newsweek that more and more people are turning to Blogging to discuss their problems, so here it goes.  I started this Blog over a year ago for the same reason.  I tried to keep a upbeat tone and be optomistic about my particular situation but now I'm becoming more realilistic..... Pestomistic.
  I'm married to a great woman but spanking is not in her vocab.   If I make a huge ordeal of how much it means to me and how important it is for my soul,  she will listen and give an occasional spanking but in a week it is forgotten about and never brought up.  If I brig it up to much she get angry. The message has become loud and clear.... just be quiet and pretend it does not exist.  I think she hopes it will just go away if  its never brought up.  
Day after day, I try to bury my feelings and keep it to myself, so I dream about it at night, think about it a good portion of the day and when I really get desperate try self-spanking.  This always leaves me feeling more empty and frustrated.  I have never cheated on her and never will. I know she would freak out if another woman gave me a spanking...... so again I'm stuck with nothing.  
Sometimes I walk around Wal-Mart or the Grocery store and see a mom with kids trailing and wonder if she is a "spanker"  First let me preface this story with "I'm not into spanking children or advocate the spanking of a child".  I just wonder if the mom is a "spanker"  and also wonder how does she spank, with her hand, or a hairbrush, over her knee or lying on the bed?  Then the question goes through my head; if I asked some random Mom "For $200.00 dollars would you give me a spanking" What would happen, seriously, is it worth trying? My luck I would be thrown in jail.
I wish I could find a local theropist the specializes in spanking, someone who understands. 
Please give me some feedback..... I'm a mess and not feeling this situation is or could get any better.  I know I'm not alone..... their is someone out there smarter than I am that has figured out the answer..... Please Help!!!!!!!!  Thanks in advance.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where to turn...

As a whole I am a positive person, but sometimes spanking just plain gets me down. I feel the main reason is I have no one I can talk too. I have the best wife in the world who I can talk to about anything... well except spanking, she just does not understand. When I have tried she feels threatened, controlled, distant, I know it hurts our relationship. As time goes on, I bury my feelings, don't bring it up and try to forget about it. I become more isolated and feel more alone. I can't believe how hard it has become, its is part of me and is in my soul, I have come to the realization that I can't make it go away. Now what, I would feel guilty being spanked by someone else and can't be honest with my wife. I feel trapped and depressed. Looking for any suggestions?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Another Great One!

Melissa and Amy were eleven. Very grown-up, especially Melissa. She was auburn-haired, freckled and blue-eyed. Three inches taller, than little five foot blonde Amy. Melissa even wore a bra, more than that, she **needed** to wear a bra! Melissa was bubbly and smart and Amy's very best friend in the whole world. She, also, was forever getting Amy into trouble. Not the type of trouble Melissa got herself into, but trouble none the less. Melissa and Amy were eleven and it was a Friday night sleepover. Winter time...

"Where did you say you wanted to go, lady?"

Amy looked up at the cab driver. She wasn't eleven anymore. No, she was twenty-two and home for a visit. She had hailed a cab at the airport, not calling mom or dad to pick her up. Because it wasn't mom or dad Amy had come to see.

"640 Woodlawn Lane," Amy told the driver and settled back against the cracked upholstery. The cab smelled of cigarette smoke and stale candy.

Snow pelted the windows like little bullets. The back windows fogged and Amy took one gloved fingertip and wrote her initials in misted windowpane. Just like she and Melissa had done. They were eleven. It was winter time...

"C'mon, Miss Goody-goody, baby-butt!" Melissa taunted, standing at the door of her parents bedroom. A room that both Amy and Melissa had been strictly forbidden to enter, by Mrs. Monroe, Melissa's mother.

"No, we better not, Missy, your mom will be back with the pizza soon," Amy replied, looking over her shoulder, imagining Mrs. Monroe coming up the stairs and finding them standing at doorway of her bedroom. As if it were naughty just to be thinking about entering.

"Chicken, chicken, baby-butt!" Melissa said, placing a hand on her round, little hip and looking disgusted with her cowardly friend, "Well, **I** am going in there! It is **my** house too and I can go into any room I want!"

Amy sighed as Melissa flipped a strand of her curly, chestnut hair over one shoulder and strutted into her parent's room. Reluctantly, most everything Amy did with Melissa was reluctant, she followed her friend into forbiddened land.

The bedroom was immaculate. Done in colors of dusty rose and cream. It was beautiful and perfect, just like Mrs. Monroe. Melissa immediately went over to her mother's dressing table and picked up a bottle of perfume. She squirted it all over herself.

"Missy! Don't, your mom will smell it on you!"

"No, she won't! She wears so much of this junk, she will never smell it on me!", Melissa replied, opening her mother's makeup case.

The contents spilling out, lipsticks rolling on the floor, eyeshadows scattering everywhere and a container of powder spilling out onto the highly polished dresser surface.

"You are making a mess!"

"Yeah, yeah, we'll clean it up. C'mere, Am, let me give you a makeover," Melissa ordered. And Amy, the ever chicken baby-butt, complied.

It was later that night. Much later. After pizza and popcorn. Playing Monopoly with Melissa and Mrs. Monroe (Melissa won, she **always** won). Toothbrushing and baby doll pajamas. Mrs. Monroe had not gone up to her room, even once. Maybe she had not had time.

Melissa and Amy were in bed, giggling and talking about boys and weird Mrs. Crandall, their sixth grade gym teacher. They barely noticed when Mrs. Monroe came into the room. When they looked up, they did notice the grim expression on her face.

"Melissa Ann, were you in my room?" Mrs. Monroe asked, quietly.

Melissa glanced nervously at Amy, then replied, "No, Mommy."

"Don't you lie to me, young lady."

"I'm not lying, Mommy, I am not!" Melissa pouted.

Amy pulled the covers up under her chin and tried not to look at Mrs. Monroe at all. She liked Melissa's mother and didn't want to lie to her. She hoped that she wouldn't ask her any questions.

"Melissa, my makeup case is a mess. There are two broken lipsticks and you spilled my new bottle of Chanel all over the carpet!"

"But Mommy, I didn't... "

"Oh yes, you did, young lady! What you did was bad enough, but lying makes it ten times worse! Didn't we have a little talk about lying just last week, Melissa?"

Melissa's lower lip stuck out further and she managed a cranky, little nod.

"And what happened after you lied to Mommy last week?"

Melissa looked up and her eyes suddenly widen. Amy, who was creeping further and further under the covers, noticed the blush that spread slowly over her best friend's face.

"Answer me, Melissa!"

"I got a spanking," Melissa finally managed to mumble.

"That's right, you got a spanking. You know when you act like a child, Mommy treats you like a child," Mrs. Monroe said, sitting down on the little bench at the front of Melissa's bed, "Come over to Mommy, Melissa."

"Mommy, no, you can't--"

"Right now or shall I just tell Daddy when he gets home later tonight?" Mrs. Monroe said, her pretty face looking quite determined.

"No! Don't tell Daddy!" Melissa whined.

Amy had drawn the covers over her nose, her big, hazel eyes, peering over the quilt at both Melissa and her mother. She knew that Melissa still got spanked. Her friend had complained about being treated like a baby by her parents. Her daddy used a special paddle, that he kept in the closet. Melissa said he made her get it for him before he spanked her. According to Melissa, her daddy didn't spank her often, but when he did, he spanked her hard. Mommy was usually the one who disciplined her naughty daughter. With her hand or if she was really bad, the hairbrush. Amy's heartbeat quickened as she wondered if spilling perfume warranted the hairbrush.

Slowly, a pouting Melissa walked over to her mother, whining the entire time, "Please, Mommy, don't spank me in front of Amy, please Mommy! It was Amy's fault!"

Amy crept farther under the covers when she heard her best friend's lie. Would Mrs. Monroe believe Melissa?

Would she spank Amy too? Amy began to feel trembly all over.

Mrs. Monroe said nothing, just took her daughter by the wrist and flipped her easily over her lap. Melissa gave a little squeak of protest, as her mother lifted her bottom up higher, in a perfect spanking position. She pushed her daughter's nightie up above her hips, revealing white cotton panties decorated with tiny pink hearts.

"Mommy, please, don't spank me here! Please!"

"No, Amy should see what happens to naughty little girls that lie to their mothers," Mrs. Monroe told her firmly, then hooked her fingers into the waistband of Melissa's panties.

Melissa immediately reached back, trying desperately to protect her dignity.

"No, oh please, don't pull down my panties, oh please!"

"Now, now, you move those hands away immediately, young lady, or I will tell Daddy when he gets home!" Mrs. Monroe warned. Whimpering, Melissa moved her hands away, clasping them in front of her, as if praying. "You know a good spanking must be given on your bare bottom. You have always been spanked that way and I see no reason to stop now."

With that statement, Mrs. Monroe slowly peeled down her daughter's panties, revealing her pale, lightly freckled bottom cheeks. Melissa was well-developed, her bare fanny round and girlish. Amy could see the goosebumps break out all over Melissa's exposed flesh. Little shivers went through Amy's body and she clutched the covers around her tightly.

"Please, Mommy, not in front of Amy, oh pleeeese!"

Mrs. Monroe replied by picking up a large, paddle-shaped wooden hairbrush and lightly tapping it against Melissa's behind.

"Not the hairbrush, please, not the hairbrush!"

"If you had not lied to me, Melissa, I would have only used my hand. But you lied and now I am going to blister your naughty little tushie for you good!"

The first smack of the hairbrush made both Amy and Melissa jump. Melissa was the only one who cried out OUCH! Mrs. Monroe's spanks were slow and deliberate, first one cheek, then the other. Each smack from the wooden brush making Melissa cry out and squirm on her mother's lap. Soon, her pale backside was a deep shade of pink.

Amy peeked over the edge of the quilt. Thinking she shouldn't be watching. She could only imagine how embarrassed poor Melissa felt, her bare bottom being thoroughly spanked in front of her friend. Silently, Amy counted the number of smacks from the brush. At the tenth, Melissa burst into tears. Her smug, very grown-up, know-it-all, best friend, crying like a baby over her mommy's lap. Amy began to feel funny all over.

Mrs. Monroe began to spank a little harder and a little faster. Melissa cried and tried in vain to wiggle her reddening tushie out of the way. When she began to kick her legs, Mrs. Monroe threw one leg over both of her daughter's small ones, effectively pinning her in place.

"Are you sorry you lied to mommy, Melissa?" she inquired, in between spanks.

"Yes! OH PLEASE! OWW! MOMMY! OWWW! I'm sorry, sorry, sorry!" Melissa sobbed.

"I am very disappointed in you, young lady! Maybe I should just tell Daddy and let him give you a good paddling when he gets home!"


Mrs. Monroe peppered Melissa's scarlet bottom with a dozen or so more smacks from the smooth hairbrush.

Melissa wailed after each spank now, sobbing and hiccupping.

Amy had never seen a redder bottom. Actually, Amy had never seen any red bottoms. She had only been spanked a couple of times. When she was very little. But never like this. Never on the bare bottom. It looked like it hurt so much and when Amy thought of Mrs. Monroe giving her the same treatment, it made Amy feel sooo funny all over.

Finally, it was quiet. All quiet except for Melissa's sobbing. Mrs. Monroe kept her over her lap for another couple of minutes or so. Her bare, crimson bottom on display while she continued to lecture. When Melissa's sobs had subsided into whimpers, Mrs. Monroe let her up. She hugged her close and kissed the top of her head, then tucked her back into bed. She didn't tell Melissa's daddy when he got home later that night. She didn't scold Amy. And she certainly never spanked her either. It was winter time and they were eleven...

Amy paid the driver and climbed out of the cab. The snow had picked up and lightly dusted the sidewalk leading to the front door. Maybe she should have called. Would anyone be home? Anyone that Amy wanted to see?

Her tummy fluttered, as she rang the bell. A minute passed, then another. Finally, Mrs. Monroe opened the door. She looked the same, young and beautiful, maybe a few little character lines around her eyes and mouth. She appeared surprised, then pleased to see Amy. Of course, Melissa was not there. She had married earlier that year and no longer lived at home. But it was not Melissa that Amy had come to visit. Not today.

They sat in the living room, making small talk. Mrs. Monroe had always been easy to talk to. Easier than Amy's own mother.

"Remember when I used to sleep over?" Amy finally asked.

"Of course, dear, you and Melissa were the best of friends, you slept over often."

"Remember when we were eleven and we went into your room?" Amy asked, feeling the heat flush her face.

Mrs. Monroe looked puzzled for a moment, then a small smile stretched her lips. "Ah, you mean when you were both naughty and got into my makeup?. Yes, I remember. I am sure Melissa remembers that too."

Amy tried to look at Mrs. Monroe, but couldn't. "You know, I was at fault that night too. I spilled the perfume. I should have told you that."

"Yes, you should have, but it was a long time ago, dear. I believe I can forgive you," she said, smiling again.

Amy swallowed hard and forced herself to look up. "But... I should have gotten a spanking too. I still... feel guilty about that."

Mrs. Monroe studied the blushing young woman for a moment, then finally said quietly, " I see. And what do you think would help with this guilt, Amy?"

Seconds passed, a minute. All Amy heard was the ticking of the grandfather clock and her own harsh breathing.

"A spanking," she finally managed to whisper.

Another moment of quiet, then Mrs. Monroe said, "A spanking? I see. Well, I believe you are never too old for a good spanking. But you know, dear, the way spankings are administered in this house?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"And how is that, Amy?"

Amy swallowed hard, then replied, "On the bare bottom."

"That's right and to help you with this guilt, I do believe I will have to use the hairbrush."

"Yes, ma'mn."

"Well, then, I believe you know where it is. Go get it for me."

Amy stood up. She felt like she was dreaming. Her knees were shaking as she walked into Melissa's old room. On the dresser was the hairbrush she remembered. She picked it up. It was smooth and heavy. Her bottom began to tingle. She glanced over at the bed, the covers neatly in place. No little girl peeking from beneath. It was winter time. She was no longer eleven...

The End

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Favorite Story - Mike Learns his Lesson

One of my favorite stories... I am not sure who wrote it but if anyone knows let me know. B

Mike raced through the door and into the kitchen, heading straight for the refrigerator. From the other room he heard "Michael, I want to have a word with you". His mother's voice stopped him dead in his tracks. Wanting to have a "word" with him meant only one thing...he was in deep trouble.

Mike shuffled slowly into the living room where his mother was waiting for him. She motioned for him to come join her on the couch.

"I had a little talk with your teacher, Ms. Jameson today"

Mike cringed. This WAS big trouble.

"She said your grades in math have been going down hill all year and if they don't start going back up, she's going to have to fail you. Now what do you have to say about that, young man?"

Mike squirmed, "It's just...I really don't like math, mom ...I'm no good at it...and Ms. Jameson is really hard...and nobody else is doing good either..."

"Michael, you know I don't care about what anyone else does except you. Now, Ms. Jameson says that your homework has gotten sloppy and that you're even a few assignments behind. Is that true?!?"

"I guess mom, but..."

"No buts young man!!! There is absolutely NO excuse for slacking off in your schoolwork and you know it. I have to say Michael, I am very disappointed in your behavior."

Instinctively, Mike glanced around the room for the dreaded hairbrush. His mom caught him looking.

"Oh yes young man, you've definitely earned yourself a bare bottom trip across my lap...but Ms. Jameson tells me you have a math test tomorrow. Have you even started studying for it?"

Mike looked down at the floor and shook his head. His mom sighed.

"Well then, as much as I'd like to spank you right now, I don't want a sore bottom to distract you from studying. So, I want you to go upstairs to your room and study for your test. No nonsense now! Understand?!?"

Mike nodded eagerly. "Okay mom...I'll study really hard!"

"You'd better! But don't think you're getting off so easily, young man" his mother warned. "Tomorrow after school, you and I and the hairbrush are going to have a little chat. Do I make myself clear?!?"

Mike looked down again. "Yes, ma'am".

"Alright, get going then. I'll bring you up a sandwich and some milk a little later".

Mike trudged upstairs to his room and tossed his backpack on the bed. It wasn't fair!! How could he possibly study knowing that tomorrow he was going to be squirming across his mother's lap getting his butt blistered with the hairbrush! He knew his mom didn't like spanking him but she sure did do it hard when she had to.

He sat down and thought about it. Maybe...if he did really well on that math test, his mom would be so pleased she'd forget all about his punishment. It was his only chance. Mike grabbed his math book and went to work on adding and subtracting fractions.

The next morning Mike was really nervous, but when Ms. Jameson handed him the test paper, he realized that he knew how to do most of the problems. When he got stuck on a few really hard problems during the test, he just thought about that big wooden hairbrush smacking hard against his bottom again and again and again. This helped him concentrate and he managed to figure even the tough ones out.

At the end of the day, Ms. Jameson called Mike over to her desk.

"Now this is much more like it, Michael" she said handing him his math test with an A+ on it and a big gold star at the top.

"It seems my talking to your mother did you some good" she smiled knowingly.

"I hope you learned a lesson that will stay with you for a while!"

Mike blushed furiously. "Yes, Ms. Jameson"

"Good. Class is dismissed"

Mike ran all the way home. He was so excited to show his math paper to his mom. There was no way she could spank him now! He rushed through the kitchen door, almost running his mother over in the process.

"Whoa Mike...where's the fire?" she laughed.

He handed her his math test. "Look mom! I got them all right! ALL right!"

"Oh Mike," she said giving him a big hug. "That wonderful! I'm SO proud of you kiddo!!! I knew you could do it! I'm going to put this on the refrigerator and you and I are going to go celebrate!"

Mike grinned from ear to ear. "Thanks mom! Can we have pizza??"

They went out for pizza and had a great time together. Mike's mom even gave him some quarters to play video games. Mike had forgotten all about the spanking until they were in the car heading back home. All of a sudden, his mom switched off the radio and looked at him.

"Alright now Michael, when we get home I want you to go straight to your room and get ready for your spanking!"

"BUT MOM...." Mike cried in surprise.

"But WHAT Michael !?! I told you yesterday you were going to get a dose of the hairbrush for slacking off in your school work."

"But I got an A+ on my math test!!!"

"Yes you did Mike, and I'm very, very proud of you for that. But that just shows me that you could be doing fine in math if you just put your mind to it. It's not that you're bad at math, you're just lazy about studying. And I can think of no better reason than that for a spanking!"

They pulled into their driveway and mom stopped the car. "Alright, young man I want you to go straight upstairs to you room and stand with your nose in the corner. While you're there, I want you to think very hard about why I'm going to punish you tonight. Is that clear???"

"Yes, ma'am"

"Alright then...march!!"

Mike went upstairs to his room and threw himself on the bed miserably. It wasn't fair!!! It just wasn't fair!! All that work for nothing! He was still going to punished. If only he hadn't gotten so behind in math that Ms. Jameson had to call his mom. If only...

But it was too late now. He heard his mom's footsteps on the stairs and hurried into the corner placing his nose against the wall. He'd get it much worse if she caught him disobeying her!

His mother came into the room and he could hear her behind him moving the chair away from his desk and into the middle of the room.

"Alright Michael, come over here to me, please"

Mike walked over to the chair where his mother was now sitting trying not to look at the hairbrush she held in her lap.

"Did you think about why you're going to get punished tonight Mike?" His mom asked.

"'Cause I didn't study" Mike mumbled.

"Is that ALL you could come up with, young man? Maybe you need to spend some more time in the corner thinking about it!"

"No, mom" Mike said urgently, he hated standing in the corner almost as much as he hated getting spanked.

"Well then??"

"'Cause..I guess...if I would have studied all year as hard as I did last night for that math test...I wouldn't be doing bad in math and Ms. Jameson wouldn't have to call you."

"That's right Mike. You had a job to do, and you didn't do it! Isn't that right?"

Mike nodded staring at his scuffed up sneakers and the carpet that he was going to be seeing very closely in another minute or two.

"We both have a job to do Michael. Do you know what happens if I slack off and don't do my job?"

Mike shook his head.

"I get fired, and then we're both in really big trouble. You have a job to do too. You need to go to school and study. And do you know what happens if you slack off and don't do YOUR job??"

Mike could feel his face turn deep red and couldn't say anything.

"I asked you a question young man and I expect to hear an answer!!! Now what happens when YOU don't do your job?"

"I get spanked" Mike whispered.

"That's right...and that exactly what's going to happen RIGHT NOW! Now take down your pants"

Hands shaking, Mike undid the button and zipper on his jeans and pushed them down. They fell clumsily around his ankles. His mother took his hand and helped him shuffle over to her right side and over her lap. She positioned him so that his bottom was sticking up and out for the hairbrush. Then expertly hooked her fingers into the waistband of his briefs and yanked them down all the way to his knees. She picked up the hairbrush and laid its cool flat back across the center of his bare bottom.

"I'm sorry I have to do this Michael, but you've had this coming for a long time!"

With that she raised the hairbrush and smacked it smartly against his right cheek. Mike cried out at the first bite of the hairbrush and continued to cry out as his mother smacked the hairbrush hard against his wriggling bare bottom. She spanked methodically, going up and down one side and then the other. She didn't say anything for a minute or two and all that could be heard in the room was the crack of the hairbrush and Mike's yelps and cries.

After a few minutes, Mike's bottom was in agony and he began crying in earnest and begging for her to stop. But his mother ignored Mike's cries and continued to deliver a steady rhythm of spanks to his already red bottom.

"Aww....please mom...stop...I'll be good awww...I promise...awww!!"

"Yes Mike, (WHAP) I'm sure you will be... for a little while (WHAP), but I don't want to have to repeat this lesson anytime soon (WHAP). So, I'm going to make sure (WHAP) that you remember it for a good long while (WHAP)."

After another minute, she began to lecture him, punctuating each sentence with another smack of the hairbrush.

"Next time you start having trouble in school, I want you to come and talk to me about it before it gets out of hand (WHAP). I don't want to hear about it from your teacher (WHAP)! Do you understand me young man!?! (WHAP).

"Yeeesss!" Mike wailed.

"And I want to see your homework every single night from now on! (WHAP). And it had better be done my boy, or you'll be right back here with your pants down and crying (WHAP). Is that clear!?!"


After five minutes of spanking, Mike's mom knew her little boy had had about as much as he could take. His bottom was fire engine red and very hot to the touch and he was hiccuping from crying so hard.

"Alright,'s alright" she soothed, as she rubbed his back gently. She waited for his sobs to subside before she spoke again.

"Okay Michael, lets see if you learned anything during this lesson".

Mike tried to quiet his cries and pay attention. His mom always asked questions after a spanking and if he got the answer wrong she would give him extra spanks while she explained what the RIGHT answer was.

" Are you going to study harder now Mike?"

"Yes mom...I will...I promise"

"And what about your homework??"

"I'll do it...every night mom...I promise...and I'll show it to you. Every night I'll show it to you"

"That's good Michael! And if you don't understand something in class or start to fall behind, what are you going to do?"

"I'll come and talk to you mom...I won't wait or nothin'..."

"That's my good boy Mike. I think you've learned your lesson for tonight. Your spanking is over" And with that she dropped the hairbrush on the floor and lifted him into her lap. Even though he was too big, she held him against her, rocking him like she did when he was just a baby...and let him cry tears of pain and relief against her shoulder as she whispered words of comfort and love into his ear. Finally, when he had cried himself out...she stood up and put him under the covers of his bed, smiling when she saw him turn immediately over onto his stomach. He wasn't likely to be sleeping on his bottom for a night or two. After helping him put on just the top of his pj's and tucking him in, she sat down by him on the bed, gently ruffling his hair and rubbing his back until he started to fall asleep. She gently brushed away the tears that still clung to his eyelashes, and watched as Mike's face relaxed in the deep and peaceful slumber of little boys who had cried themselves out across their mother's lap.

-- The End --